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View Google search queries in Google Analytics

It's been a while now that Google no longer allows to track search keywords. The reason is that when you click on a Google Search result, the referrer no longer contains the keyword.

But fortunately, it's always possible to get these essential SEO informations in Google Analytics. There is a little trick to do that.

Google search queries in Google Analytics

To be able to see this table in your Google Analytics account, it's quite simple.

In fact these informations are already available in Google Webmaster Tools. If you haven't already registered your website in this tool, you should do it. Google Webmaster Tools provides a lot of informations relative to Google search like crawling stats, customizing search results, add sitemaps, and even the amazing "Fetch as Google" functionality. This last one permits you to know exactly what Google will index, very important since Google now index JavaScript content. There is a lot to says about Google Webmaster tools, but it's not the subject here.

The table that interest you is under the sections "Search Traffic > Search Queries".

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

The key to be able to see this table in your Google Analytics account is a little button hidden under the settings wheel.

Google Analytics property in Webmaster Tools

You will see a page where you will be able to create a link between your Google Analytics account and your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Google Webmaster Tools linked Google Analytics

It's done, you can now read and optimize Google Search queries keywords directly in Google Analytics. Enjoy!

Google search queries in Google Analytics

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