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Greg Bergé

I'm Greg Bergé, a JavaScript developer and all-round geek. If I want to do something, I code it.

Gulp simplest local server ever

I search a lot of things to simply run a local server using gulp and finally I found BrowserSync. This is the simplest way I found to run a local server using gulp. var gulp = require('gulp'); var browserSync = require('browser-sync'); // Static server. gulp.task('browser-sync', function() { browserSync({ server: { baseDir:…

Use Docker + Jenkins to run GitHub tests

Why not Travis? Nowadays, having a continous integration platform is a requirement. If you use GitHub, you probably know Travis. Travis is one of the best CI platform. It's free for open source, easy to set-up, for small open sources module, this is definitely my favorite platform. If you are…

View Google search queries in Google Analytics

It's been a while now that Google no longer allows to track search keywords. The reason is that when you click on a Google Search result, the referrer no longer contains the keyword. But fortunately, it's always possible to get these essential SEO informations in Google Analytics. There is a…